The Professional ABC’s:


The Advice Beyond the Classroom program officially began in 2014. The ABC network has grown to include not only active students, but also professionals who are driven to empower, mentor, and guide our future leaders to succeed.


Knowledge is the primary building block of success. Our students will learn to comprehend basic life skills to ensure their future foundation is enduring.


Confidence in the knowledge you possess is the next step in the success process. Our students will learn to have conviction in their ideas and actions to further develop their fundamental growth.


Comprehension and Conviction of the skills our students acquire will not matter without the Courage to implement it in the real world. Courage is not learned, it is an inherent trait that develops after a solid foundation is built.

We have designed this course with the future in mind. We teach a set of skills and a way of thinking that sometimes gets glossed over in a traditional classroom setting.

In the classroom, our core curriculum topics are tailored to focus on real world skills. Beyond the classroom, various business professionals host our students for hands-on offsite visits to showcase how the professional world operates.

We identify what we can teach today to separate our students from the competition tomorrow.